China LED Canopy Light Fixture,Ultra Bright for Gas Station Lighting

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LED Canopy Light Fixture,Ultra Bright for Gas Station Lighting
(1)Instant start,no flashing.
(2)Solid State,shockproof.
(3)Save power more than 90% by ordinary lamp. 
(4)Long time working, 24 hours/day is perfect, produce low heat.
(5)No RF Interference. 
(6)No mercury or other hazardous materials, accord with RoHs. 
(7)Working environment -20°C~45°C, suitable for unusual climate.
(8)Low maintenance cost.
Product Overview & Common Applications
Gas station LED lights  & LED Canopy Lights are designed to meet the needs of gas stations, convenience stores and similar facilities while providing substantial cost savings. Gas station canopy lights can require a significant amount of labor to replace short-lived light bulbs and it can be a safety hazard to ignore replacing bulbs that burn out, opening you up to danger or unnecessary liability. In contrast, our long-lasting gas station canopy LED lights for sale will drastically reduce maintenance needs and can save you up to 90% in energy usage, while also providing high-quality bright light. Whether you are looking for new or retrofit gas station LED lighting, we have a wide selection of gas station flush lights, LED gas station canopy lights and waterproof light fixtures to choose from.

Specifications & Description
We offer a wide selection of canopy light fixtures to meet the needs of whatever application you have in mind. Constructed with a focus on durability to withstand inclement weather and vandalism, canopy lights can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, and they are usually found at parking garages, gas stations, stairwells, underpasses, and loading docks. The type of lighting and size of your fixtures will largely be determined by the application and size of your space. We provide high-quality canopy lights in a variety of styles, wattages, and voltages, so you can get the perfect match for your needs.


Whether you’re looking for cool, white light for good color rendering or warm, spread lighting for a larger space, our selection of canopy light fixtures provides numerous options to fit your needs and budget. Although most options are ceiling or wall mounted, they can also be configured for recessed mounting. Common lighting choices for parking garages and indoor/outdoor loading docks are metal halide and high-pressure sodium canopy lights. Although less efficient as other types of lighting, these lights provide widespread coverage for large spaces, minimizing the number of fixtures needed. For hard-to-reach or highly trafficked areas, induction lighting may be the suitable options. Virtually maintenance-free, induction lights commonly feature an ultra-durable housing that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and vandalism. 

For areas that may need lighting 24/7, such as stairwells, LED lighting may be the best choice. Although LED lights may be an initial investment, they are considerably more efficient than other options and have a longer lifespan. Long-term, LEDs will save costs on maintenance and energy usage. Also, LED lights can provide a cool, white light, which is important for an area that has a lot of signage. As with our other options, they are highly durable and will be able to withstand high traffic areas with exposure to the elements with ease. 

If you have any questions regarding the best type of canopy light fixtures to fit your needs, please contact us by email. We will help you make the right choice for your project, so you can get the best possible lighting that you will enjoy for years to come.

Ventilation Design

Adopt ultra-bright LED luminous source, energy saving, no stroboscopic and radiation, harmless, safety and environmental protection; long lifespan, up to 50,000 hours working time, excellent resistance to impacts and vibration, no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation, safe and reliable working under low voltage.
Full aluminium frame and spray treatment, corrosion resistance i, waterproof and dustproof.Anti-impact, Anodizing the heat radiator surface, sturdy and durable. Utilize unibody construction, easy to install and maintain, also simplify the wiring.Use silasitic ring seal, oil proof, acidproof, alkaliproof and thermostability.
Easy assemble/disassemble, up to 95 LPW(lumen per watt) luminaire light output, IP65 and IK08 Rated, 90%+ driver efficiency, 5year warranty for whole luminaire.



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