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(1)Instant start,no flashing.
(2)Solid State,shockproof.
(3)Save power more than 90% by ordinary lamp. 
(4)Long time working, 24 hours/day is perfect, produce low heat.
(5)No RF Interference. 
(6)No mercury or other hazardous materials, accord with RoHs. 
(7)Working environment -20°C~45°C, suitable for unusual climate.
(8)Low maintenance cost.

H-Series LED Street Lights own up to 110 lm/W (lumens per watt) efficiency and over than 65,000 hours operation life. Exquisite design with powerful thermal output, with more reliable waterproof performance. H-Series LED Street Lights are intended to build the most cost-performance ever.
An elegant design with 3RD Generation LED Module, High Efficient PHILIPS® LUXEON® REBEL ES LED Luminous Source and High Reliable MEANWELL® HLG LED Driver. H-Series LED Street Lights give best luminous output, stability and extra-long life. Each LUXEON REBEL ES owns electrostatic protection component, maximally avoid the damage of electrostatic.

Dedicated LED Canopy Lights Manufacturer & Supplier in China

Description of LED Canopy Lights & Fixtures. Learn to select from China Manufacturer among wide range of LED Canopy Lights Products, consider technical datas regarding LED Driver & Chip Brands, Housing materials, cooling performance.
Factories and Manufacturers of LED Canopy Lights in China is fastly increasing in recent years due to wide use and needs of LED Canopy Lights from global countries. LED Canopy Lights made in China have many options on the market and it is critical to buy LED Canopy Lights products with reliability and stable performance. After the period of product warranty given by the china manufacturer and supplier, how long will be the lifespan of those LED Canopy Lights fixtures? If you install and use LED Canopy Lights in commercial & industrial lighting areas, do consider what you will expect to get from LED Canopy Lights with different quality and prices.

Converting Canopy Lighting to LEDs

We offer customers a wide range of LED canopy lights in various wattages, strengths and color temperatures. Not only are they incredibly durable and reliable; the lights also provide optimal energy efficiency, significantly reducing your lighting energy consumption. They will pay for themselves in no time with the money you save on not needing to replace your fixtures as well as lower your power bill. Whether you are looking for cool, white lighting or warm, spread lighting, our selection of lights offers numerous options to fit your application.

These lights are great for underpasses, loading docks and parking garages, as well as wet locations or where vandal-resistant lighting is required. Find all the canopy lighting you need to keep your garage well-lit. LED Canopy Lights are versatile, sturdy and UL listed for wet locations. Canopy lighting fixtures are ideal for illuminating buildings, walkways and entryways. They also heighten safety and provide greater security for pedestrians.






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