China LED Floodlights for Large area and Sports Floodlighting

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LED Floodlights for Large area and Sports Floodlighting
These High Lumen output LED Flood Lights usingLUMILEDS® LUXEON TX luminous sources, providing long-lasting stability and splendid sight, lasting over 100,000 hours compared to less than 10,000 hours for a metal halide bulb. These LED Flood Lights provide excellent security, warehouse, architectural, landscape, playground and all around outdoor lighting.
Product Overview & Common Applications
LED stadium lights designed to address the varied lighting requirements of stadiums and arenas are available from ZSIMC LED Lighting. Our LED stadium lights can be used for field lighting, as well as lighting spectator, concession, parking and walkway areas. Choose from a variety of LED stadium flood lights ranging from 280 to 840 watts and from 31,360 to 94,080 lumens. Our LED sports flood lighting can save you up to 85% in energy usage compared to traditional stadium lighting and with lifespans of over 80,000 hours, the need to replace hard-to-reach bulbs in out-of-the-way locations is drastically diminished. 

Specifications & Description
H-Series LED Street Lights own up to 110 lm/W (lumens per watt) efficiency and over than 65,000 hours operation life. Exquisite design with powerful thermal output, with more reliable waterproof performance. H-Series LED Street Lights are intended to build the most cost-performance ever.

LED-Flood-Lights Additionally, the reduction in heat generated by LED stadium lighting in indoor venues also reduces the load on air conditioning systems, saving you even more. Our stadium LED lighting product line includes LED stadium lights, LED stadium light replacements and LED sports field lighting retrofits to convert traditional stadium lighting into more energy efficient LED outdoor arena lighting, with all LED arena lights containing no mercury. For more information about our LED sports stadium lighting, or to order any of the LED field lighting shown below, email to one of our LED lighting experts. 


LED Flood Lights Detailed Parts View

Parameters in Detail for the LED Flood Lights Models

Packing Size and Weight for LED Flood Lighting Series

» 0(1)-10V Dimming
The recommended implementation of the dimming control is provided below.

Dimming Function

1. The dimmer can also be replaced by an active 0-10V voltage source signal or passive components like resistors and zener.
2. Do NOT connect Dim− to the output V− or V+, otherwise the driver will not work properly.
3. If dimming is not used, Dim + should be open or connect to Vaux.

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